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Just like houses need a solid foundation to stand strong, the same applies when it comes to instilling positive change in children. Giving your child a toolkit for a healthy body, heart, and mind can make all the difference!


– Difficult Roads Often Lead To Beautiful Destinations.

For twelve years, I had the opportunity to teach and mentor many children of different backgrounds and abilities – A challenge I eagerly welcomed and one which I believe has strengthened my capability to recognise a child’s individual needs.

Working within the educational system allowed me to practise and develop my knowledge of Positive Teacher-Child Relationships. When placing my focus on a child’s strengths, I frequently witnessed a boost in their self-confidence, many times leading to the classroom’s shared success.

However, I often felt as though the environment limited my deepest desire to help children realise their potential. I knew that I would need to work more closely with them in order to exercise and maintain a positive and lasting lifestyle. Therefore, I embarked on my new journey to become a Kids Life Coach.


– Certified Kids Life Studio® Coach
– Bachelor of Education

– BSc (Honours) Psychology
– Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching


I believe the unconditional love and happiness that children bring into the world should be preserved and celebrated, which is why I feel incredibly privileged and honoured to be in this position. As a mother of two, I understand the challenges families encounter throughout their lives, and I only hope that my knowledge and expertise will support me in helping your child reach their full potential to live a happier life. 


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